Team Color Reference Guide

.....Team Color Reference Guide - Primary Shirt Color

Cuarto Fall 2018 Primary Shirt Color, (Alternate), [Third]
Balls of Fury Navy Blue (White)
Boys Do Cry FC Light Blue (Gray)
Red (Gray)
Black (Green)
Fusion FC White (Green)
Goal Diggers
Gray (Red)
Grape Train FC Green w/ white stripes (Purple)
Honey Badgers FC
Orange (White and Blue)
Rapid Daybreak FC Red (Dark Blue)
RSC Philly White (Blue)
SOB Indy
Yellow (Light Blue)
SoB Zolo Gold (Blue)
Springfield Isotopes Red (Navy Blue)
Sporting Galaxy Navy

Tercera Fall 2018 Primary Shirt Color & (Alternate)
Bluestars Internazionale Yellow (Blue)
Burlington Sporting Club Red (Light  Blue)
Chamounix SC Yellow (Blue)
Jefferson Club Soccer Blue (White)
Knights FC Black (Grey)
Mayfair Celtic Black (Light Blue)
Muck City FC White/Red (White)
Oaklyn United FC Black/White
Blue & White stripes (Green)
Rum Ham FC Green ( Blue & White)
Spartan FC Black (Red)
UCFC Red (Black)
Toros United White
Warriors FC White

Segunda B Fall 2018 Primary Shirt Color & (Alternate)
Brothers of the Gourd Navy Blue (Yellow)
Cunningham Squres White (Red)
Devon FC Blue & White Stripes (Gold)
Drake Tavern FC Black
Fox Chase
Inter Phila FC Black
Jerzees Orange
La Kabylie Yellow
Ornaje Orange (White)
Philadelphia Falcons Green & White stripes
Renob FC Blue (Grey)
Sunbears FC White (Black)
Segunda A Fall 2018 Primary Shirt Color & (Alternate)
5736 FC Black (Red)
Barenjager SC White/Royal (Navy/Red) [Gray]
Bluestars Yellow (Blue)
Cracovia Red & White stripe
Hunting Park United White (Yellow)
Internationals FC White 
Loose Cannons FC Grey (Maroon) [Black]
Mark Wahlberg's Cousins Red (White) [Blue]
Red Devils FC Black (Red)
SC Rovers Black & Yellow stripe
Sona Harps FC
Green & White stripe (Black & Yellow stripe)
Statesmen FC Black (White)
Primera Fall 2018 Primary Shirt Color & (Alternate)
Cedar Point FC
Dark Green (Red)
Collectivo International Red (White)
FC Clinical Blue (Lime Green)
FC Misconduct Gray (White)
FC Tigre Royal Blue (White)
G.A. Trading Pink (Blue)
Live Breathe Futbol Club Red (Black)
Playground Social Club FC Navy (White)
South Jersey FC Neon (Black)
South Philly United Gray (Orange)
Stoney United
Green & White stripe (Black)
Vidas United
White (Neon) [Navy Blue]

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