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CASA Community

Who is the DEI Officer?

Yunio Martinez (he/him/his)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer :

"Soccer, for me, is a place to leave my problems aside, play the sport I love, and meet new friends. I have played soccer in Philly since I moved here from Guatemala. Eight years ago, I joined the LGBTQIA soccer club (Philadelphia Falcons). Throughout my time with the Falcons, I served on the Board as: Recruiting Officer, Sports and Activities Officer, Marketing Director, Vice President, the past two years as President, and now I am currently their Treasurer. I recently became CASA's first ever DEI Officer.

When I started this position, I originally saw the E as standing for Equality. After some research I came to understand that the E is for Equity; equality is sameness and equity is fairness. I wish I would have realized this sooner, but better late than never. Below is a picture representing this analogy. Point being - I am here to bring equity to our league!"

Community Sponsors

Want to sponsor our community and spread the word on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? 

Contact our DEI Officer to see how you can help:



To our community,

Over the past year, Anti-Asian violence and hate-crimes have increased by 150% in the United States. This violence deserves no space in our country, and Casa Soccer League condemns the acts of violence being perpetrated against the Asian American and Asian immigrant community.

We serve all parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware - Asian Americans and immigrants are a vital part of our community. We acknowledge the genuine pain and loss this destructive hate has caused, and now more than ever, it is our collective responsibility to rally around our neighbors and stand up for their safety. We stand in solidarity with all of our Asian and Asian American players and neighbors. We will continue to amplify their stories and voices during this time.

In solidarity,

Yunio Martinez


Join us to stand up during STOP ASIAN HATE AWARENESS WEEK!


Casa Soccer League is committed to fostering diversity by offering a welcoming and supportive environment for all our members, leadership, and other constituents. It is important that we provide a learning and working environment that takes responsibility and advocates for equality every single day. We are a community who will continue to fight for what is right. Click below for resources on the following:


Black Lives Matter

DEI Action

Embrace Race


Mental Health

LGBT Glossary


LGBTQIA Referee Factsheet

Racial Equity Glossary

RISE Glossary

Stop Asian Hate

Support the Black Community in PHL

Teaching for Change

They Can't Burn Us All: Support the AAPI Community

Womankind: Rising Above Violence

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