CASA's Futsal Rules


1.   The game is comprised of two (2) equal 25-minute halves   

2.   Time will be kept on a central scoreboard or Referee.  The games will be played on a running clock, and the clock will only stop in the event of a serious injury.

3.   Use of a size 4 futsal ball.

4.   If the ball strikes the ceiling or lights, a kick-in is awarded to the team opposing the team who last touched the ball, taken from the touch line parallel to the spot where contact was made. 


5.   All players must be in their own half.

6.   Defenders must be a minimum of 3 meters from ball (outside center circle).

7.   The ball must be stationary at the center mark.

8.   The referee gives a signal with the whistle.

9.   The ball must go forward.

10.   A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-off. 


11.         Kick-ins must be taken on the Touchline at the point where the ball crossed the line no more than 25cm (10 inches) from that point.

12.         The kicker must have part of each foot either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touchline at moment of kicking the ball.

13.         The ball may be played to the goalkeeper, but he/she may not play it with the hands.

14.         The ball must enter the pitch within 4 seconds. If not, kick-in awarded to opposing team at that spot. 

Goal Clearance:

15.         The goalkeeper must throw or roll the ball from anywhere in the penalty area.

16.         The ball must leave the penalty area before it's touched by any player

17.         The goalkeeper, who's throwing the ball, may not touch the ball again within his own half until an opposing player has touched it or, until it's out of play. 

18.         The goalkeeper has only 4 seconds to place the ball into play on a restart, counted with hand by Referee. If not, opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick on the penalty area line closest to the spot of the where the goal keeper was.

19.         The goalkeeper may not throw the ball over mid court in the air. 


Corner Kicks :

21.         Ball must be placed within the corner area.

22.         Ball must be stationary.

23.         A goal MAY be scored directly from the kick.

24.         Kicker has 4 seconds to place the ball into play. If not, opposing team is awarded a goal clearance. 


25.         May not play the ball with the hands when intentionally passed back from the foot of a teammate.

26.         May not touch the ball again within own half after a restart until an opponent has  touched the ball, the ball has gone out of play, or has crossed mid court and come back.

27.         If Law infringed, indirect free kick is awarded to opponents. 

Free Kicks:

28.         Opponents must be a minimum of 10 feet (3 yards/meters) from all direct free kicks, indirect free kicks, kick-ins and corner kick restarts. 


29.         All substitutions must be made at the substitution zone. The player being replaced must exit the field completely before the substitution may enter. It is a cautionable offense if not performed correctly. 


30.         ALL OUTDOORS FOULS APPLY, plus also considered a foul; - Any "charge" using careless, reckless, or excessive force - Sliding is allowed, but only if no contact is made with opposing players.  SLIDE TACKLING IS NOT ALLOWED.

31.         All fouls will be counted and tracked by the officials.   

32.         All DIRECT FREE KICK FOULS are ACCUMULATED FOULS and MAY be opposed with a WALL (first 5 fouls only).

33.         Any INDIRECT FREE KICK MAY be opposed with a WALL and do not count towards accumulated foul count.  

34.         The first five (5) DIRECT FREE KICK FOULS MAY be opposed with a defensive WALL. Beginning with the sixth ACCUMULATED FOUL against a team, NO DEFENSIVE WALL ALLOWED and all players (excluding the defending goalkeeper) must be even with or behind the ball and outside the penalty area and all defenders at least 10 feet (3 yards/meters) from the ball until the ball is kicked. The kicker must shoot directly on goal with the intention of scoring and the goalkeeper must be in his/her penalty area at least 5 meters away. 

35.         If the foul is committed from the second penalty spot in his/her own defensive end to anywhere in the opponents defensive end, the free kick is taken from the second penalty spot

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